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About Us

Our Vision

The Innovation Center 4 Educator Preparation creates sustainable, innovative partnerships among alternative certification programs and school districts that transform teacher preparation, resulting in a diverse, high-quality educator workforce equipped to teach all students, particularly those students that experience poverty and students of color.

We Believe

We believe that by working together – educator preparation programs (EPPs) in partnership with school districts, and competing EPPs in collaboration with each other – we can better prepare new teachers. 

We believe that by providing structured but flexible support to EPPs, including financial support to scaffold program changes, technical assistance can be the catalyst needed to take teacher preparation to the next level. 

We believe that by using a continuous improvement process we can strategically make changes to our programs, first piloting with small groups and then scaling up to all teachers in the EPP, that will result in new teachers who are well-prepared to teach their students and who remain in the profession. 

We believe that by collaborating on different ways to get to the same end goal of high-quality teacher preparation, EPPs can both meet the needs of their teacher candidates and the districts looking to hire them. 

We believe that if teacher preparation programs implement sustainable, quality programming at scale, then more teachers will be better prepared to positively impact outcomes for students of color and low-income students. 

We believe that by supporting the whole teacher along their path to certification through the coordinated efforts of a teacher support team, we can grow teachers who stay and support the next group of new teachers who join the profession. 

We believe that by increasing program quality and collaborating with districts, EPPs will be even more financially stable as districts choose them as the preparation provider for their new teachers. What do we ask of the EPPs who want to take this journey with us? There is a list of commitments based on the Outcomes and Indicators for Educator Preparation Programs developed by a community of educator preparation programs.

We believe that by providing structured but flexible support . . .  technical assistance can be the catalyst needed to take teacher preparation to the next level.

Meet the Team

Anne Douglas-Rowald

Anne Douglas-Rowald is the founding director of the Innovation Center 4 Educator Preparation at Region 4 Education Service Center. She has spent her entire career working to improve education for historically underserved students. 

Anne’s experience in education spans twenty-seven years, having begun as a middle school science teacher who came to the profession through Teach for America. She taught science and math and coached teachers in grades K–12 in Houston ISD and then served as the Dean of Instruction at a large, urban, Title 1 high school, where she supported the development of new teachers entering the profession through leadership of true professional learning communities. 

As a director in the instructional services division of Region 4 Education Service Center, Anne led a team of education specialists who served districts throughout the state of Texas through the development of instructional materials, customized coaching, and professional learning experiences. 

It was through her combined experiences as a director at the ESC and her variety of roles in districts that provided a 360 degree view of what first-year teachers need as they enter the classroom. Having worked with district leaders to craft supports for struggling teachers combined with creating resources based on student-performance data. 

Anne is skilled at leading change and using data to drive improvement efforts. Anne serves as the President of the Texas Alternative Certification Association (TACA) and is on the board of the Consortium of State Organization for Texas Teacher Educators (CSOTTE). 

Anne holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Rhodes College, and certifications for principalship and all areas of science. 

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Monica Ibáñez

Mónica Ibáñez is an Education Specialist for the Innovation Center 4 Educator Preparation at the Region 4 Education Service Center. She supports educator preparation programs in their continuous improvement efforts, in partnership with districts. 

Mónica brings to the work nineteen years of experience in the education field with multiple roles that required her to work with a large number of diverse school districts to develop, support, and evaluate initiatives. 

Mónica graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio as a summa cum laude student, with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Bilingual Education. She also holds a Master of Science in Educational Management with Principal Certification from the University of Houston Clear Lake. 

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